Ban the word 'AGGRESSIVE' from the soccer culture; it does not belong. It is not worthy of being used in descriptive soccer vocabulary. The message is not compatible with the beautiful game and it nurtures innappropriate behavior that penetrates coaches, parents & players throughout youth soccer in the USA. It is an ugly word when witnessed and has no place on the field or sidelines.

In fact, one of the primary operative elements that defines SPORTSMANSHIP in our competitive soccer culture is the difference between AGGRESSION  vs  the combination of INTENSITYTENACITY. and  PHYSICALITY. These words, intensity, tenacity & physicality are far more accurate and necessary when describing respectable, educated activity in-and-around the sport of soccer: 'accute' 'determination' must replace 'hostile', 'belligerent' or 'bellicose' performance, saved for the Colosseum mentality of American Football.